Carving Supplies

Edgewood, WA


Tel: (253)845-2115        Cell: (253)686-8983

   We can get a carving bar for nearly any saw. Call with your requests.

Must Call to order.

$5.00 flat rate SHIPPING for entire order! 


We now have FULL HOUSE CHAIN in stock

.35 per link



Cannon Carving Bars

Cannon Carver Dime/Quarter tip                       8” - $65.00               

Ό"pitch chain-$14.00 (48dl)

Cannon Carver Dime/Quarter tip                     12” - $75.00              

Ό” pitch chain-$20.00 (64dl.)

Cannon Carver Dime/Quarter tip                     14” - $85.00              

Ό” pitch chain-$23.00 (77dl.)

Cannon Carver “Toonie” Tip                             14” - $85.00               

Ό” pitch chain-$23.00 (77dl.)

Cannon Carver Dime/Quarter/Toonie tip       16” - $95.00             

Ό” pitch chain-$25.00 (87dl.)


Cannon Carver Quarter/Toonie tip                20” - $120.00   


Cannon Carver Toonie tip                               24" - $160.00





Oregon Carving Bars

Oregon Sculptor Dime tip*                       10” - $70.00            

Ό” pitch chain-$18.00 (60dl.)

Oregon Sculptor Dime tip*                       12” - $75.00             

Ό” pitch chain-$20.40 (68dl.)

Oregon Sculptor Quarter tip                    12” - $75.00            

Ό” pitch chain-$19.80 (66dl.) or 3/8 low Pro-$9.90 (45dl.)

Oregon Sculptor Dime tip*                       14” - $85.00             

Ό” pitch chain-$22.80 (76dl.)

Oregon Sculptor Quarter tip                    14” - $85.00             

Ό” pitch chain-$22.80 (76dl.) or 3/8 low Pro-$11.44 (52dl.)

*Saws running a dime tip bar need to have a 1/4 pitch sprocket.  If you do not wish to change out sprockets you can run a quarter tip with the 3/8th low profile chain.

Chain Prices                      

Ό” pitch chain: $.30 per drive link

3/8" low profile chain $.22 per drive link

Full House chain $.35 per drive links



1/4 drive sprocket system  $18.00-$23.00



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